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Town of Ravenel

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The Town of Ravenel is a small but important part of Charleston County. With its prominent location at the southern entrance of the county, Ravenel is the gateway to the Lowcountry. The pervasive influences of development advances from the urban areas but, still, the rural character endures. There is a powerful instinct in the citizenry to protect what is important, to safeguard neighborhoods, to encourage preservation of the historic structures, to maintain the open spaces, to preserve the agricultural uses, and to enhance the commercial service areas to meet the needs of the community. The fear that this may change all too swiftly or without proper guidance has caused the community to come together to work towards common goals and a shared vision. Therefore, the Town has set forth this Mission Statement for the future.


Our Mission

The Town of Ravenel will continue to be a town where people are good citizens and good neighbors and where families are important. This town of the future will be, as it is today, a place where people enjoy living. Working together, the citizens can make this goal the plan for the future. A future where each resident is assured a quality of life, adequate housing, good employment opportunities, security, clean air and water, ample open space and recreation areas, and continued remembrances of the past.

Mailing Address:

5962 HIGHWAY 165 STE 100

Phone: (843) 889-8732
Fax: (843) 889-8727